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Ballad, String and Bone

Ritual Sacrifice and Religious Memories
Compiled by Old Fire.
A collection of horror soundtracks,
dissonant voices and dark atmospheres.
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Along Came a Sadness...

I discovered Tom Rapp and Pearls Before Swine a few decades ago through This Mortal Coil’s interpretation of their song, “The Jeweler”  (as so many others did...). In 2006, I was introduced to Tom via email through a mutual friend and we made an instant connection. Though he knew nothing about me or my work, Tom graciously said yes to partnering up. Within a couple of weeks, I received a DAT tape with several takes of his vocals that would go on to become the foundation of our song, Shadows. He picked a second demo I sent him to record on, but after a month or so of not hearing anything, I got a card apologizing, saying he'd fallen into bad health and as a result decided to retire from singing. I'm so proud of and grateful for our collaboration and very thankful to the others who helped bring this song to life: David Michael Stith, Thor Harris, Joe Ryan, Robin Allender and Christian Madden.
- John Mark Lapham, February 2018


03 Nov 17 /

Kscope has reissued our
album “Songs From the
Haunted South” on limited
edition vinyl. Snag your copy
here before they sell out!
21 Sept 17 /

We have released a video
for our version of Low’s
beautiful torch song,
Laser Beam. Check it out
21 Sept 17 /

What are the covers and
inspirations that went in
to the conception of the
Old Fire album? This
Spotify playlist pretty well
sums it up.
03 Jun 17 /

Now playing: Two excerpts from
the “Ghost Dreamers” bonus
CD given away with copies
of the deluxe edition “Songs
From the Haunted South”
vinyl. Click here to check them

13 Jan 17 /

The deluxe limited vinyl
edition of ‘Songs From the
Haunted South’ is out now!
Only 250 copies have been
pressed. You can order your
copy here.

19 Nov 16 /

The deluxe vinyl edition of
‘Songs from the Haunted
South’ is now up for pre-
sale. Only 250 copies of
this pressing will be
available so best to order
22 Sept 16 /

Kscope has issued a track by
track commentary of the
album on Spotify. Hear the
highs, lows and everything in-
between about the ten year
process of bringing Songs
From the Haunted South to